painting experience
We will be doing action painting; moving and painting all at the same time without planning or worrying about how it looks. There's no pressure in meeting any expectations but letting go of judgments, choosing the colors and tools depending on what your feeling at that moment, This experience allows your brain to take a break from rigid planning and enjoy the moment and the action of painting. It also helps with cultivating creativity by welcoming the intelligence of chance, randomness, and play getting inspired by the surprising- unplanned-results. After your done with the painting and its dry, you have the option to:  1. Pick it up as is (rolled) and have the flexibility to do whatever you want with it, for example: turn it into a series of smaller pieces to hang, gift, or make it into a tote. 2. You can also chose to have it picked up stretched and ready to hang. 3. Make it even more interesting by working on it more on your own or with me by registering for another experience. *AGE: this experience is for adults and children that are old enough to follow instructions and their guardian is registered for this experience. *CUSTOMIZED PAINTING EXPERIENCE: Book all 4 spots if you want a private experience to work on larger canvas and/or invite male family members and friends. Kids over 6 are welcome too for a memorable family painting that you can do together. *DURATION This experience is registered for two hours, however, some painters are done within 45-90 minutes.





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hind abdullah

عن المحترف
Large canvas 150x120 cm. Paint. painting tools.

نوفر لك

*Comfortable clothes that you don't mind having paint on. This experience gives you the opportunity to be in your painting so make sure you have nothing on that holds you back. *Optional: headphones and your music that inspires you.

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